Using Imagery to Find Peace and Reduce Stress

Have you ever been stressed out and imagined yourself relaxing on an empty beach in the warm sun with no cares in the world? Maybe it's an all-inclusive resort with all food and activities included! Now I'm getting ahead of myself... Using imagery is an easy way to think of a person, place, or time … Continue reading Using Imagery to Find Peace and Reduce Stress

Improve your Relationships with THINK

Interpersonal skills are part of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and a great way to work on improving relationships, developing healthy communication, and ending conflicts and arguments. The THINK skill breaks this down and can be used during difficult situations in relationships with co-workers, friends, family, and acquaintances. T - Think: Take a step back from … Continue reading Improve your Relationships with THINK

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a great tool for reducing tension in your body and mind. By tensing and relaxing muscles, you are signaling to your brain feelings of relaxation. You can focus on the present moment and work on body awareness. This can be done by following a script or watching a video to … Continue reading Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Finding Meaning in Suffering

Life can be hard and have difficult moments. Our perspective on a situation can change the way we feel about it and ourselves. Do we want to have shorter pain or longer suffering? This depends partly on how we view and react to a situation. Can we use the lemons life gave us to make … Continue reading Finding Meaning in Suffering

It’s Opposite Day!

When we feel emotions like anger, anxiety, and sadness, our instincts will tell us to act a certain way. For example, when you are feeling depressed you may want to isolate yourself and be alone (different than me-time which is enjoying healthy time alone). It may be tempting to stay in bed and sleep the … Continue reading It’s Opposite Day!

Let’s Talk about Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive and present tense statements that a person declares to be true about themselves. They are used to create better habits and improve experiences. By practicing affirmations, a person can change their behaviors, health, mood, and thinking patterns. Benefits of Affirmations -Decrease stress and worrying -Increase physical activity -Cope better with everyday challenges … Continue reading Let’s Talk about Positive Affirmations

Grow your Self-Care Garden

Self-care isn't just about getting into a bubble bath with a face mask on. It is about being intentional about taking care of all aspects of your health, be it physical, mental, social, and emotional. Here are some self-care examples: Physical - Sleep, drinking enough water, regular exercise, physical therapy if needed, going outside for … Continue reading Grow your Self-Care Garden