Using PLEASE for a Healthy Body & Mind

Now that we have Accumulated Positive Emotions, Built Mastery, and Coped Ahead, it is time to put into effect the PLEASE skill! There is no denying that there is a body & mind connection. It's important to attend to your mental AND physical health to get the best grip on your emotional states. PLEASE breaks … Continue reading Using PLEASE for a Healthy Body & Mind

ABC Skill: Cope Ahead of Stressful Situations in 5 Steps

Now that we have completed A: Accumulated Positive Emotions & B: Built Mastery, it's time to C: Cope Ahead! Are you anticipating that there could be an issue in the foreseeable future that is causing you anxiety before it has even happened? Do you want to feel more prepared and ready to tackle this challenge? … Continue reading ABC Skill: Cope Ahead of Stressful Situations in 5 Steps

ABC Skill: Build Mastery

Building Mastery is our "B" in the ABC Skill. This step happens after we have accumulated our positive emotions and before we cope ahead. Once we have worked on some projects and figured out what we like to do, we can start to become more skilled in it to build confidence and increase our self-esteem. … Continue reading ABC Skill: Build Mastery

ABC Skill: Accumulate Positive Emotions

In a past post, we learned about the difference between the emotional, rational, and wise minds. The emotional mind can overwhelm our thoughts and decision making. This can make it more difficult to align our actions with our values. Our rational minds can lead us to become more robotic with our thinking and lead to … Continue reading ABC Skill: Accumulate Positive Emotions

It’s Opposite Day!

When we feel emotions like anger, anxiety, and sadness, our instincts will tell us to act a certain way. For example, when you are feeling depressed you may want to isolate yourself and be alone (different than me-time which is enjoying healthy time alone). It may be tempting to stay in bed and sleep the … Continue reading It’s Opposite Day!

How to Set SMART Goals

As you are getting to know yourself and becoming more self-aware, recognize what you would like to improve. Set small, achievable goals. We can't make huge changes overnight, but taking small steps is more realistic and leads to goal achievement. Reward yourself for your small milestones. Make your goals SMART! S - Specific: Make your … Continue reading How to Set SMART Goals

How to Find Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

If you're asked to list the top people in your life, you may first think of your friends, family of origin and choice, and other members of your support system. However, the relationship we have with ourselves is the MOST important one. We all think of that saying that you can't help others unless you … Continue reading How to Find Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

What’s Your State of Mind?

Here is a simple run-down of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) concept of Wise Mind. Your mind is made of 2 parts, emotional mind, and reasonable mind. When these two minds meet, it creates the wise mind. We want to try to live in the wise mind to make the best decisions possible when faced … Continue reading What’s Your State of Mind?

Grounding Activities for Anxiety

Grounding activities are practices that help to distract yourself from difficult emotions and experiences to reduce anxiety. You can take a break and focus on the here and now. Return to these emotions and experiences when you are calm and ready to tackle your challenges. These exercises take time to come naturally and that's okay! … Continue reading Grounding Activities for Anxiety