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Grow your Self-Care Garden

Self-care isn't just about getting into a bubble bath with a face mask on. It is about being intentional about taking care of all aspects of your health, be it physical, mental, social, and emotional. Here are some self-care examples: Physical - Sleep, drinking enough water, regular exercise, physical therapy if needed, going outside for … Continue reading Grow your Self-Care Garden

ACCEPTS Coping Skill for Difficult Emotions

When should I use this skill? Try ACCEPTS when you are having overwhelming and distressing emotions like anxiety, fear, and depression. Take a break from the situation to gather your thoughts and cool down before making a decision on how to proceed. This skill is used as a distraction coping technique. This does not mean … Continue reading ACCEPTS Coping Skill for Difficult Emotions

Using Self-Talk to Improve Your Mental & Physical Health

Many of my clients have struggles with negative thought patterns and self-talk has been a coping skill that has helped to reduce difficult emotions, depression, and anxiety in these clients. What is self-talk? Self-talk is your internal dialogue. It shows your thoughts, beliefs, questions, and ideas. Self-talk can be both negative and positive. It can … Continue reading Using Self-Talk to Improve Your Mental & Physical Health

Grounding Activities for Anxiety

Grounding activities are practices that help to distract yourself from difficult emotions and experiences to reduce anxiety. You can take a break and focus on the here and now. Return to these emotions and experiences when you are calm and ready to tackle your challenges. These exercises take time to come naturally and that's okay! … Continue reading Grounding Activities for Anxiety

Radical Acceptance for Finding Peace in the Present Moment

Radical acceptance is completely accepting reality as it is in the present moment without fighting against difficult situations. It is NOT ignoring difficult emotions or situations. It is validating that it is difficult and accept it to make it easier for ourselves. We let go of bitterness or resentments and realize that there will always be … Continue reading Radical Acceptance for Finding Peace in the Present Moment

TIPP Skill for Emotion Regulation

When we feel stressed out emotionally, our body feels it physically too. This distress tolerance skill will help you relax and destress. T - Temperature -By changing our body temperature, we can quickly decrease the intensity of an emotion. -Dip your face in cold water (not less than 50 degrees) and hold your breath. Try … Continue reading TIPP Skill for Emotion Regulation