Hi everyone! My name is Caroline and I’m here to help.

When life presents challenges, we all need a support system. Feelings of depression and anxiety may be overwhelming, especially during times of uncertainty and confusion. Stressful situations at work, in relationships, and at home may seem insurmountable. Let’s work together to help you find motivation and happiness again!

I have experience working in a wide range of settings including community mental health, employment programs, residential mental health, and private practice. My areas of special interest include supporting adults in early recovery from substance use who are navigating underlying emotional challenges, those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and neurodivergent individuals, including clients on the autism spectrum. I am open to working with adults facing a host of emotional challenges from all walks of life with an emphasis on underlying anxiety and depression treatment. I find mindfulness, meditation, and other holistic modalities to be helpful in navigating these experiences alongside my clients. I am passionate about bringing nature-based ecotherapy into our work, which may include “walk and talk” therapy in a local green space if that would feel comfortable for you.

Now is the time to make healthy and positive changes by contacting me for your initial therapy session. You will be provided with a compassionate and caring listener, offering guidance and the skills to deal with everyday obstacles. I truly care about my clients’ progress, and I am here to help you reach your goals, develop healthy coping skills, and improve your overall well-being!

License: New Jersey / 44SL06714400

Education: University of Maryland Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, Rutgers University Master of Social Work (MSW)

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